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Welcome to AS47689 & AS210761

Just prosumer networking nerds making connectivity for us, our friends, and our community.
Operated by Pudu, LLC.

AS47689 and AS210761 are different networks that are, occasionally, interconnected for testing or research.


This primary AS is run as close as possible to a modern Internet network with proper security, filtering, and uptime standards. The core router is located in the downtown Seattle Westin building, with additional sites in Frankfurt and metropolitan Kansas City.

AS47689 appears on the following Internet exchanges and is open for peering. (Route servers are preferred but direct sessions are fine.)

Exchange pointsLearn communities
  • Seattle Internet Exchange
    • Seattle Primary
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:504:16::ba49
    • N. Kansas City Secondary
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:504:16::340:0:ba49
  • MICE Minnesota
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:504:27::ba49:0:1
  • LocIX Frankfurt
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:7f8:f2:e1:0:4:7689:1
  • FogIXP
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:7f8:ca:1::82
  • KleyReX
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2001:7f8:33::a104:7689:1
  • F4IX (N. KC)
    • IPv4:
    • IPv6: 2602:fa3d:f4:1::18
  • 101 - From IXP
  • 102 - From transit
  • 103 - From downstream
  • 201 - Seattle
  • 202 - Frankfurt
  • 203 - North Kansas City
  • 700 - RPKI not found
  • 777 - RPKI valid
  • 799 - RPKI invalid (filtered)


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This AS doesn't appear on any Internet exchanges and does not peer.
It carries IPv6 traffic, with AS47689 usually (but not always) as one of its upstreams.

Pudu, LLC
Seattle, Washington

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